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SEARAME and the Journal
This journal is the culmination of the SEARAME's vision to bring together medical educationists in the region to promote collaborative efforts toward uplifting the standards of medical education in the region and beyond through dissemination of knowledge and information.

SEARAME is one of the six regional associations under the umbrella of World Federation of Medical Education (WFME, 2003), the global non-governmental organization dedicated to setting standards in medical education. Our association was established with the aim of improving the quality and relevance of medical education at all levels; undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development in line with the WFME. One of the main objectives of SEARAME is to encourage medical educational research in countries in the South East Asian region. A journal will be the ideal platform to disseminate research findings and stimulate discussion among experts in the field.

The field of medical education is going through a sea of changes with new methods replacing conventional teaching and learning practices. The South East Asian countries are also undergoing the waves of change. Therefore, establishing collaboration between the South East Asian countries would facilitate the promulgation of evidence on best practices in medical education and monitor processes of educational reform. The changes seen in the developed world may not necessarily be the best for Asia and may be driven by resource constrains. Therefore this journal will provide a forum where evidence of what is best for SEAR can be sought and documented and debated.

SEARAME has promoted member countries to develop mechanisms to improve coordination among academic institutions in this region. They are encouraged to develop a framework for improvement of medical education in each country and set national standards in keeping with the global perspectives. We believe that this journal would be a forum for the medical educationists in the region to exchange ideas and share experiences in best practices in medical education to address academic quality improvement thus developing a mechanism to enhance the current practices of medical education based on the highest global standards (WFME, 2003).

Indika Karunathilake

World Federation for Medical Education (2003) Basic medical education. WFME global standards for Quality Improvement. Copenhagen, viewed 5 September 2007, http://www.wfme.org.


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