Volume 9 Number 2 / December 2015
Lead Article Redesigning the medical school learning environment to meet 21st century skills
  Marambe, K.N.
Review Article Knowledge of Whys and Hows of Healthy Aging of Women, Essential amongst Health Professionals
  Chhabra, S.
Original Research Paper Analysis of the Retrospective Self-Assessment Questionnaire of a Faculty Development Programme
  Revathi, M., Vijayalakshmi, B., Rajaratnam, N., Chandrasekar, M.
  Medical students' Perceptions of the Educational Environment in an Offshore Indian Campus of a Malaysian Medical School
  Bhat, P.P., Rajashree, R., Javali, S.B., Rajasekar, H.B.
  Job Stress among Female Residents during Postgraduate Training at a University Hospital in Karachi, Pakistan
  Hashmi, M., Khan, F.A., Khan, S., Ali, S.K.
  Medical Internship Training Programme in a Medical College – Voice Of Internee: Mixed Model Research
  Goyal, R.C., Khapre, M.P., Mathur, M.V., Mudey, A.B., Tankhiwale, S.R.
Online Social Networking and its Perceived Life Satisfaction among Sri Lankan Medical Students
  De Zoysa, P., Wickrama, T., Wickramasuriya, T.
  Interactive Session on 'Focus Group Discussion' for Health Professionals in India: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation
  Dongre, A.R., Kalaiselvan, G.
  Attitudes and Perspectives of First Year Medical Students Towards a Six Day Foundation Course
  Ray, A., Kumar, V., Prathima, M
  Students' Characteristics Related to Their Performances in Problem-Based Learning
  Wahid, M., Kumara, A., Prihatiningsih, T.S., Rahayu, G.R., Werdhani, R.A.
  Laboratory Orientation Programme for Interns, A Need
Based Training to Enhance Patient Care
  Kumaran, S., Ponniraivan, K., Velayutharaj, T., Sundhararajan, N.L.
  Self-directed Learning Readiness (SDLR) among Medical Students: A Questionnaire-Based Study from an Indian Medical School
  Balamurugan, S., Kumar, H.
Short Communication Effect of Open-Book Exercise Practice on Closed-Book Tests Results
  Kyaw, S.


Supply Constraints in Human Resources for Health May Limit Progress towards Universal Health Coverage in India: an Exploratory Study
  Zodpey, S., Hasan, H.
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