Volume 8 Number 2 / December 2014
Editorial Effective communication
  Indika Karunathilake
Country Papers Compulsory Rural Service - A Step Towards Achieving Universal Health Coverage?

S. Sangale, L. Sankhe, C. Rajguru, S. Zodpey

  Setting an Agenda for Collaborative Research in Medical Education in Indonesia
  Indah Suci Widyahening, Muthmainah, Yulistini, Purwita Wijaya Laksmi, Marcellus Simadibrata
Original Research Paper Learning Style Preferences: A Comparison between Students of an Indian and a Malaysian Medical School
  Heethal. J.P., G.N. Sahana, S. Ghosh, Chitra. G.
  Towards Better Understanding of Medical Students: Learning Styles of Preclinical and Clinical Medical Students
  Marwa M. Khalil, Mohamed Galal Al Din Ahmed, Shefaa M. Gawish
  Development and Assessment of an Online Computer-Assisted Instruction Method
  P. Vichitvejpaisal, T. Panjamawat, P. Varasunun, P. Apidechakul, K. Kraiprasit, P.Chainchop
  Models of Physiotherapy Clinical Education in South-West Nigeria
  A.C. Odole, O.T. Oladoyinbo
  Evaluation of Small Group Discussion as a teaching-learning method in Biochemistry for first year MBBS students: a pilot study
  D.S.C.R. Wilma, D.R. Suresh, M.V. Chandrakala
  The Correlation between Written and Practical Assessments of Communication Skills among the First Year Medical Students
  S. M. Sari, G. R. Rahayu, Y. Prabandari
  Survey of Factors that Influence Doctors' Selection of Anaesthesiology as Professional Specialty and Opinion Regarding Being Anaesthesiologists
  S. Charuluxananan, P. Chatrkaw, O. Rodanant, L. Tuchinda, W. Somboonwiboon
  Learning to be the Patients' Advocates: Evaluation of an Evidence-Based Communication Skills Course
  Astrid Pratidina Susilo, Mora Claramita, Jan van Dalen, Albert Scherpbier
Short Communication Communication skills Appropriate to Context: Our Approach to Meeting the Training Needs of Interns
  A.A. Rahim, G.M. Govindaraj, R.J. Thekkekara, P.M. Anitha, K.V. Laila
  Efficacy of Multimedia Set on Acquisition Clinical Skills, Views of Medical Students in UMS
  M.F. Sefein, D.K.S. Naing, U.J.A. D' Souza

Letter to the

Integration in Medical Colleges; Can Role of Basic Sciences be Minimized
  K. Iqbal, A. Rahim
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