Volume 5 Number 2 / December 2011
Editorial Globalization and rapid changing world ....
  Anan Srikiatkhachorn
Country Papers Undergraduate Medical Curriculum of Universiti Sains Malaysia in terms of Harden's Ten Questions of Curriculum Development

Hafiza Arzuman

  An interdisciplinary summer school in medical education, medical ethics, creativity and management
  Mitra Amini, Mohammadreza Dehghani, Javad Kojuri, Gholamreza Safaei Ardakani, Ali Mahbudi, Leila Bazrafkan, Mohammadmehdi Sagheb, Zahra Karimian, Mahbobeh Saber
  Diabetes care in India: Assessing the need for Evidence-Based education
  Habib Hasan, Sanjay Zodpey, Abhay Saraf
Original Research Papers

Enhancing physicians' communication skills is not enough: an approach by Habermas social theories

Wacharin Sindhavananda

Developing a Two-Tier Diagnostic Test to assess Arterial Blood Gases learning by students with different background knowledge in Anesthesiology

  Phongthara Vichitvejpaisal, Vorakran jiranantarat, Tippawan Panjamawat, Pinda Varasunun, Parichad Apidechakul, Suthisa Chamadol, Kanitha Kraiprasit, Phetcharee Chainchop

Effects of using an integrated team-based and problem-based learning approach for developing lifelong learning characteristics of first year medical students

  Paitoon Chuangchum, Thirdsak Pholchan, Tawesak Nopkesorn, Supasit Pannarunothai
  A comparison of knowledge retention between online and in-class problem-based learning
  Phongthara Vichitvejpaisal, Tippawan Panjamawat, Pinda Varasunun
  Inclination towards a research career among first year medical students: an international study
  Say-Beng Tan, Gerald CH Koh, Ying-Wei Ding, Rahul Malhotra, Tam Cam Ha, Ricardo Pietrobon, Rina Kusumaratna, Rodney Nan Tie, Guilherme Cunha, Henrique Martins, Arnfinn Seim, Fernando Altermatt, Aya Biderman, Thandi Puoane, Elias Carvalho, Truls Ostbye
Short communication Application of computer aided teaching in conventional lecture class
  Sukhendu Dutta
  What impedes performance of students?: A cross-sectional study of student perceptions
  Chitra Nagaraj, Pradeep B S
  Learning through story writing
  Reem Rachel Abraham, Sharmila Torke

Designing problems for problem based learning (PBL) sessions: Students and faculty perceptions

  Anand Kukkamalla, Shobha Karabylu Lakshminarayana, Jessica D' Souza, Shyamala Hande
Outside the box Time travel: a discovery tool for identifying individual professional development needs
  Thomas V Chacko
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