Volume 4 Number 1 / June 2010
Editorial The need to uphold the highest standards in academic scholarship, honesty and integrity
  Indika Karunathilake
Medical Education in Strategies for planning and designing medical curricula and clinical teaching
Practice series Mark Barrow, Judy McKimm, Dujeepa D Samarasekera
Original Research Papers

Students' perception of the educational environment in a medical faculty with an innovative curriculum in Sri Lanka

  Menaka DS Lokuhetty, Sachini P Warnakulasuriya, Ranawakaarachchige IR Perera, Heethaka TR De Silva, Harshima D Wijesinghe

Portfolio based approach for teaching Community Medicine among medical undergraduates and assessment of their learning in a medical college in rural India

  Amol R Dongre, Pradeep R Deshmukh, Bishan S Garg

Teaching public health: seminar or lecture?

  A Rashid K , Sapna SP

Needs assessment for continuing medical education amongst doctors working in rural Nepal

  Katrina Butterworth, Mark Zimmerma, Bruce Hayes, Steve Knoble

Understanding interns' information needs in emergency department

  ESkrootchi Rogheyeh, Kahouei Mehdi, Ebadi Fard Azar Farbod, Abolhassani Hassan

Dental students' perceptions of learning environment

  Tipruthai Prayoonwong, Chaichana Nimnuan
Short communication

Appraisal and improvisation of undergraduate practical curriculum in Physiology

  Hem Lata, Lily Walis
  Student perspectives regarding the process of problem based learning at Melaka Manipal Medical College, India
  Maya Roche, Reem Rachel Abraham

Twelve tips for medical students to improve identification of "Learning Issues" in Problem Based Learning

  Bincy M. George, Niveditha Suvarna, Jessica Sushma D' Souza
Speakers' Corner

Postgraduate training and education for a Surgical Enthusiast

  Shaun Shi Yan Tan
Outside the Box An innovative educational module: Digital lecture series in Dermatology
  Vishalakshi Viswanath, Raghunandan, G. Torsekar, Seema, R. Nair
Letter to the Editor Inclusion of mini dissertation at undergraduate level in Anatomy
  Pradeep Bokariya , Ruchi Kothari, Anup Shyamal
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