Volume 3 Number 1 / 2009
Editorial The need for more visibility and expansion of SEARAME
  Indika Karunathilake
Country Papers Designing an assessment tool for professional attributes of medical graduates from a new medical school in Nepal
  J. Huw C. Morgan
Original Research Academic misconduct among medical students
papers Somchai Tanawattanacharoen, Chaichana Nimnuan
  An evaluation of the curriculum of a graduate programme in Clinical Psychology
  Sucheera Phattharayuttawat, Jariya Chantra, Wilasinee Chaiyasi, Kirati Bannagulrote, Soisuda Imaroonrak, Thanayot Sumalrot, Natchaphon Auampradit
  Community and Family Case Study: a community-based educational strategy to promote Five Star Doctors for the 21st century
  Abdus Salam
  Do medical students who claim to be using deep learning strategies perform better at the Forensic Medicine examination?
  Kosala N. Marambe, Deepthi H. Edussuriya, P.D. Indika S. Somaratne, Chathura Piyaratne
  Perception of Problem Based Learning by UNIMAS medical undergraduates and graduates
  T.S. Tiong, P.H. Ong
  Predominant learning styles adopted by AIMST University students in Malaysia
  Latha Rajendra Kumar, K.Voralu, S. P. Pani, K.R. Sethuraman
  Learning across boundaries
  Endaryanto, Hendri Susanto, Goeno Subagyo, Mora Claramita
  Students’ self-directed learning readiness, perception toward student-centered learning and predisposition towards student-centered behaviour
  Endang Lestari, Djauhari Widjajakusumah
Outside the box Graphical representation of assessments in a medical curriculum
  Lap Ki Chan, Nivritti Patil
  Appreciative Inquiry: a discovery tool to facilitate change
  Thomas V. Chacko
Short Communication Multiple choice questions as a ranking tool: a friend or foe?
  C.A.H. Liyanage, M.H.J. Ariyaratne, D.H.C.H.P. Dankanda, K.I. Deen
  Unraveling the secrets of high performance to help low performers
  K.M. Padmavathy, Sapna Patil, S.P. Pani
  Medical students’ response to request for identifiers on a research questionnaire
  R. Mahendran
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