Volume 16, Number 2, 2022
Lead Article The Need for Accreditation in Medical Education to be based on Regional and National Health Priorities
  Karunathilake, I.M., de Abrew, A., Rashid, M.A., Grant, J., Samarasekara, D., Savithri, T., Atapattu, C., Amarasiri, M.M.P.L., Abeysooriya, M.
Review article Non-communicable diseases competencies in undergraduate curricula at medical university in Bhutan
  Tenzin,K., Yangzom, T., Zam, S., Yangden, K., Zangmo, S., Choeda, T., Denka,C.
  Teaching and learning of attitudes, ethics and communication using the AETCOM module in India
  Fathima, F.N., Lakshmi, T.A., Shankar, N.
Original Research Papers Competence in Breaking Bad news tasks: A curriculum review of teaching and assessment at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret Kenya.
  Chumba, D.K., Osotsi, B., Marete, I., Changach, J.
  Confidence in Neurology: how Educators can help Junior Doctors fight Neurophobia
  Tan, Y.J., Juliana, K.Y.L., Manohararaj, N.
  Effect of Education in AETCOM Competencies in Shaping the Professional Attitudes of Medical Students
  Amarantha, D.R., Noor, T., Swanand, S.P.
  Integration of Traditional and Innovative Methods in Anatomy Dissections: A Sri Lankan Experience.
  Edirisinghe, E.A.S.T., De Silva, H.D.K., Devmini, K.A.M.T., Pathmaperuma, S.D.S., Ratnayake, W.M.K.M., Jayepeasad, Y.D.M., Nakandala, N.D.B.U., Shiraf, M.A.A., Indunil, L.A., Niluka, D.H.M., Madushika, P.K.K., Deegodagamage, Y.S., Wijesundara, W.M.C.S., Dissanayake, P.H., Yasawardene, S.G.
  Perceptions of Radiography Students Regarding the Qualities of an Effective Clinical Educator in Zambia
  Bwanga, O., Iyamwa, P., Chanda, E., Bwalya, M.
Short Communication Literacy Level and Self-Perceived Confidence of using Office Suite Applications among First Year Postgraduate Medical Students
  Khan, A.M., Majhi, N., Gupta, P.
  Perception of self-assessment (SA) in learning nursing clinical skills
  Rathnayake A. U., Marambe K., Edussuriya D.
  Scope and application of learning theories in the delivery of medical education
  Shrivastava, S.R., Shrivastava, P.S.
Letters Medical museums should inspire rather than macabrely horrify
  Ting, J. Y.
Outside the Box A Novel Teaching-learning Method of Nerve Injury Using Banana and Toothpick: A Low Fidelity Static Model Approach
  Nalini, Y.C., Gowda, A., Nayak, V.K.R.
  Recreational Spaces in a Village in Central India – An Evaluation through “Transect Walk”
  Singh, A.J., Giri, M.Y., Raut, A., Sophiya, K., Dambhare, D., Jakasania, A.
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