Volume 15 Number 2 / December 2021
Editorial Karunathilake, I.M., De Abrew, A.
Lead Article Training Medical Students as COVID-19 first contact responders: Integrating Telemedicine and Medical Education during a Health System Crisis in Sri Lanka
  Karunathilake, I.M., Edirisinghe, E.A.S.T., Hettiarachchi, D., Perera, B.J.C., Hamdani, A., Kohombange, C., Herath, T., Amarasiri, M., Randenikumara, S., Mudiyanse, R., Senanayake, D., Ihsan, R., Guruge, K., Ragunathan, M.K.
Country Paper Medical Education in Pakistan: Challenges & Way Forward
  Khan, J.S., Strivens, J.
Medical Education in Practice Teaching medical students on Surgical placement during the COVID-19 pandemic, lessons learned so far
  Evans, W. and Noone, T.M.
  A practical clinical course model for use during the COVID-19 pandemic
  Tan, Y.J. and Manohararaj, N.
Original Research Papers Developing Competence in Tooth Extractions during Undergraduate Dental Education – A Qualitative Study
  Ali, K., Siddiqi, K.M., Qazi, H.S.
  Reliability and validity of peer assessment at tutorless PBL classes
  Aung, H.L., Tashiro, Y., Morio, K., Hori, H..
  The Culture of Giving Feedback in Health Professional Education: Reflection of Medical Educators on Effective Feedback Behavior
  Shrestha, R., Sethi, S., Kaur, D., Kingsley, PA., Chavda, P.K., Moudgil, T., Sharma, M.
  Factors Affecting Radiographers in the Clinical Supervision of Radiography Students in a Limited Resource Setting: A Survey in Zambia
  Bwanga, O., Sichone, J.M., Kaonga, P.
  Skills, determinants and attitudes towards leadership among undergraduates in medicine.
  Dissanayake, D.W.N., Gunasekara, D.P.A.V., Nanayakkara, U., Majeed, S., Dissanayake, D.D.M.
  A comparative study of online medical procedure learning via video versus text modalities during the COVID-19 pandemic
  Kritsanaviparkporn, C., Kitcharoen, N., Yimcharoen, N., Thaweesuk, S., Maneerit, S., Treesirichod, A.
Perspective Article Establishing a simulation centre in an Indian medical college – the St. John’s experience
  Shankar, N., Lagoo, J., Stephen, J., Nithyanandam, S., Lewin, S.
  Elevating and sustaining the component of clinical teaching by targeting teachers in medical institutions
  Shrivastava, S. R., Shrivastava, P. S.
  Discipline-centred learning: an integrative model for medical undergraduate education
  Dassanayake, T.L.
  Educational Response to COVID- 19: Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (FMAS,RUSL)
  Jayararathne YGSW, Pilapitiya SD
Short Communication Medical student’s perception about virtual classroom during lockdown - a cross-sectional study
  Udgiri, R.S., Biradar, S.
Speaker's corner A four-step model for integrating pedagogy to technology in fostering students' meaningful learning
  Thwin, E.P.A
  Introducing pediatrics as early clinical exposure to medical students. Need of the hour.
  Mahajan, A., Mahajan, A.S.
Outside the Box Enhancement of professionalism during postgraduate training in Pediatrics
  Shaw, S.C., Salagre, S.B., Mukherjee, S., Adhikari, K.M.
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