Volume 14 Number 2 / December 2020
Editorial Beyond 2020: Moving Towards New Normal in Medical Education
  Karunathilake, I.M.
Country Paper Preparing for feedback in context of competency based medical education undergraduate training in India
  Kalra, J., Mahajan, R., Singh, T.
Perspective Article From Council to Commission: Whither Medical Education in India!
  Mathur, S. C.
Medical Education in Practice Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Medical Education: Insights and Recommendations
  Niriella, M. A., Chandratilake, M., De Silva, S.T. & De Silva, A.P.
Review Article Engaging medical students during COVID-19 - challenges and novel opportunities for clinical training
  Mohideen, M. R.
Original Research Papers A Crossover Study of English Proficiency Test for
Communication in Nurse Anaesthetist Students
  Hortrakul, P., Yangan, K., Phoson, P., Charoensri, A., Vichitvejpaisal, P. & Sombood, P.
  Undergraduate Dermatology Curriculum: Perspectives of General Practitioners from Western India
  Thakkar, S. H., Chavda, P. D., Mehta, K. G. & Shringarpure, K.
  Faculty and Resident Perceptions on Mini-Clinical Examination Exercise (Mini-CEX) as an Assessment Tool in Medical and Surgical Super-Specialty Departments of a Teaching Hospital
  Rajan, S.T.M., Rahim, A., & Govindraj, G.
  Observations on Scenario Based Learning (SBL) in a Medical Microbiology Teaching Lab in a Biomedical Science Course
  Lloyd, C. & Neo, P. S.
  Pediatric Otolaryngology Training Program and Surgical Exposure in Western Province, Saudi Arabia; Toward Surgical Competency in Pediatric Otolaryngology
  Al-khatib, T. & Alsheef, H.A.
  Reflections and perceptions of Online Teaching and Learning in Dentistry during COVID-19
  Peedikayil, F. C.
  Adapting to the New Normal: An experience of a higher education institution in conducting workshops on Professionalism & Ethics in Medical Practice
  Ihsan, F.R. & Molligoda, H.D.
  Analysing the Curriculum of Epidemiology using Harden’s Questions
  Mohamed, K.
  Residential rural training program in undergraduate medical education: A qualitative evaluation of the impact on doctors and medical students
  Johnson, A.R., Rathnakumari, S., Fathima, F. N. & Joseph, B.
  An Interactive Approach to Contraception Teaching Amongst Medical Undergraduates
  Arasoo, V.J.T., Dominic, N.A., Ratnasingam, V., Ismail, R.Z.R., Mahadavan, J.V.D., Sood, M. & Kumar, A.
  A Case of Online Teaching and Learning during COVID-19 in Medical Laboratory Science Education and Training in Federal School of Medical Laboratory Science, Jos.
  Obeta, M.U., Etukudoh, N.S., Ejinaka, R.O.
  Assessment of Dental Undergraduate Students’ Skills in Local Anesthesia Administration: A Longitudinal Study
  Siddiqi, K.M., Qazi, H.S., Ali, K. & Glanville, R.
Short Communication Self-Regulated Learning in Students of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Southeast Regional University (Oaxaca, Mexico)
  García-Montalvo, I. A.
  Innovative Teaching Learning Methods for Health Professional Educators – Experiences Shared by Participants during an Online Learning Forum
  Joseph, N.
  Should Clinical Education be Integrated into the Postgraduate Radiography Training Programmes?
  Bwanga, O.
  Primary Healthcare Strengthening through Distance Education for Health Professionals
  Karunathilake, I.M., Bandara, J., Attygalle, D., Gunawardena, C.N., Egodage, T., Chandrasena, U.
  Introducing teaching portfolio in Medical Colleges: Scope and Components
  Shrivastava, S. R., Shrivastava, P. S.
  Changes in Learning Style: Does it Change?
  Akbar, S.
  E-learning Emergency? A student-teacher dialogue on sudden shifts to online medical education
  Yeung, A.N.M. & See, C.
  Fulfilment of the expected roles of a medical teacher: Role of the Medical Education Department
  Shrivastava, S. R. & Shrivastava, P. S.
Letter Online Quiz as a formative assessment tool for undergraduate medical students in Medical Biochemistry
  Das, S.
Speaker's corner Real-time Data Visualisation using Mobile Apps to Assess Students' Learning in a Large Group Teaching
  Thwin, E. P. A.
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