Volume 11 Number 1 / June 2017
Editorial Technology Enhanced Learning with Limited Resources - Transforming Limitations into Advantages
  Karunathilake, I.M.
Country Paper Introducing Skills-Based Teaching to Mongolia
  Burgess, A., Jeffery, H., Hill, D., Black, K.
Original Research Paper Prevalence, Sources and Severity of Stress among New Undergraduate Medical Entrants
  Jain, S., Jain, P., Jain, A.K.
  Validating a Problem-Based Learning Process Assessment Tool in a Nepalese Medical School
  Upadhyay, S.K., Bhandary, S., Ghimire, S.R., Maharjan, B.R., Shrestha, I., Joshi, M., Vaidhya, S.
  Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Directed Learning Relationship: Strive for Adult Learning Character Formation
  Akbar, S., Claramita, M., Kristina, T.N.
  Near-peer Teaching Program for First Year Residents in Medicine
  Krishna, K., Saoji, V.A., Diwan, A.G., Iyyer, S., Dave, P., Sada, E., Zhedge, P.
  Teaching Microbiology Through Application Based Learning
  Nagdeo, N., Bhakre, U., Kawthalkar, A., Manohar, T.
  Design of Medical Biochemistry Undergraduate Laboratory Based Curriculum to Address Unmet Needs
  Dandekar, S.P., Maksane, S.N., Mckinley, D.W.
  Transferring a Medical Curriculum to Malaysia
  Alberti, H., Delgaty, L.
Short Communication Challenges and Opportunities Offered by PBL: Students’ and Facilitators’ Perspectives
  Rajesh, P.K., Sengodan, B., Singh, A., Sehgal, S., Suvindran, Daniel, J., Arulkumaran, Ong Yan Zie, Patel, R., Kaur, M., Leong Ai Leng, Lau Lian Quan, Bhattacharya, N., Selvakumar, D., Ong.K.K, Narayan, K.A.
  Experience of Using Microteaching to Teach Postgraduates on How to Conduct a Workshop
  Suguna, E., Dongre, A.R.
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